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Apple ‘iGlass’ – The Newest Smart Specs?

In the increasingly digitised future we live in, technology is everywhere. From ‘smart’, interconnected fridges that allow you to browse online whilst getting the milk, or check what you have inside remotely through an app, to cars that let you stream music and films on the go, there is seemingly no place that technology hasn’t started to touch our everyday lives.

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One of the places where this technological adoption seems slower than others in in the eyewear market. Google Glass was the first prototype of ‘smart specs’ back in 2013, with a now clunky looking processor and camera on the side of a slimline pair of spectacles that allowed you to use Gmail, Google Maps and other third party apps. It wasn’t a great success, but proved that the concept was possible, and other manufacturers have been trying since.

While you wont see smart versions of Tom Ford or Calvin Klein sunglasses and time soon, until mass market desire has been proven and technology increased, another big player is rumoured to be entering the market, Apple. Apple has a rather excellent track record of products to its name, and is known for thoroughly researching and designing things before they launch. A lot of data from a wide range of credible sources have cited that Apple is heavily involved in research for ‘head-mounted displays, optics and more…’ Nicknamed ‘Project Glass’, could this be the user friendly, beautifully designed gateway to mass adoption of smart glasses? We will have to wait and find out


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