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Give your customers trust with their transactions

When you are going to put your store online, there are a lot of things that need consideration in that matter. You first have to get the e commerce website designed by the customers. Then you have to follow some rules to improve its ranking according to the SEO. You have to take care of traditional marketing and digital marketing. You have to design good pages of it for social media and many other necessary steps to make your online store successful. But if any problem occurs with the transaction made by a customer, all your hard work for website will flush down the gutter and you might face serious situation that can ruin your business.

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What are secure sockets layers and its advance version?

With so many cyber crimes happening all around the world you must not take any risk with the transitions or any other important dealing with your website. The best option you can get for this is SSL or Secure Socket Layer. This certificate contains some special codes that when run provide a secure connection of your website to the web server. You must get it installed in your company’s server.

EV SSL is an advanced form of SSL. This can be known as Extended Validation Certificate. The secure connection provided by it can be seen by the user. A green bar is displayed with the link address of your store. Many shoppers check this bar to shop anything from a particular website. This can also improve website conversion rate.

This also affects the ranking of your website for a search engine result. By having this you can also improve customer confidence. The customers will also give good reviews and higher rating to your business in the local business directory. All bigger stores that are running online have already got their websites certified; you can also get this certificate to satisfy your customers.


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