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Scott Beale Aviation – Why Did Concorde Failed to Continue?

Aviation is that industry, which in the past 100 years, have seen some of the most remarkable innovations in all its relatable aspects. Scott Beale aviation experts agree in most of the aspects, right from operations, frequency, dependency, aircrafts, and technology, that there is no aspect, whichhas not seen any stall all these years of excellence.

Except for one, the brainchild of England – France, the Supersonic Cruiser called as Concorde.

Concorde was made by the joint efforts of the French and English aviation experts, with a sole determination to cut the world journey time by flights exactly by half. This happened for real, with the Concorde, which set up a new record in the world of aviation, with the assistance of jet stream winds blowing, the record time at 2 hours and 58 minutes, crossing the Atlantic from London to New York. Rightfully so, Concorde entered the scene in the early 70s to April 10, 2003, till which it left a legacy or a model for future manufacturers to follow.

What’s more intriguing about the aircraft is its design in general. Unlike a conventional aircraft, it had supersonic jet engine and ogival-delta wings with a snoot that drooped. By the looks, this was a visual treat to all those who went to spot these aircrafts. Apart from this, the speed was the main part, which made Concorde a different entity against all others, with a top speed close to 2.04 Mach; this went at twice the speed of sound.

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Thus, for all the business travelers, could then fly back and forth from New York and London under 24 hours with ease.

Why Did if Fail?

With so many positive badges against the name had some negatives as well,

  • Pricing of Fuel: Concorde was designed to cater a maximum of 120 passengers in a flight. With the fall of economy and sharp raise of fuel price, subjected the increase of tickets of a Concorde flights, which were in turn very expensive from the first place.
  • Age-old Control Panels: Unlike the conventional sub-sonic jets, Concorde was a supersonic jet and the aerodynamics were a lot more different. Plus, unlike a modern subsonic plane, Concorde was made using sheer mathematics and trial and error methods, with regular in-flight engineers and analog control panels. All these are no more in requirement for a normal subsonic plane of these days.
  • Higher Maintenance: A Concorde passenger only expects a Concorde, and by no means will he/she take a substitute subsonic jet. With this, the sole two operators of Concorde, Air France, and British Airways parked one spare jet at New York JFK, without a point of utilizing them and making them sit idle all day long without making a single penny.

Concorde’s legacy of being the first commercial supersonic jet cannot be taken away by any means. Scott Beale aviation experts laud the aircraft’s immaculate and incredible history of innovation to cut the world journey times by half.


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