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What Do Hotel Ratings Mean

When looking for a hotel, you might have different reasons for choosing different kinds of hotels.  If you want a place to sleep a few hours a bed with clean hotel bedspreads and relatively quiet might be good enough. If you are on a family vacation, a higher priced and higher quality hotel might be what you need. The star system itself is a little bit subjective, as more than the quality of the hotel bedspreads are considered. Still, they are a pretty good guide as to what you can expect.

Stars Rate Hotels

The fewer stars mean the hotel is cheaper, and it means fewer extra services.  Usually, but not always, you get more amenities and better overall quality in your hotel bedspreads with more stars.  In parts of Europe there are legal definitions as to star ratings, and some travel organizations have travel ratings, such as AAA.  Sometimes the ratings are based on consumer comments on websites – which has been proven to not be reliable.

HowToUse The Ratings

In the United States, especially, the ratings will not be precise and may not be accurate. Use the ratings as more of a guideline and not as something that is precise.  A two-star hotel in one area may be three stars, or one star, in another area. Even so, there will be an obvious difference in a one-star hotel and a five-star hotel.

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Consider TheSource

If the ratings are from AAA, for instance, you know this is pretty reliable because of its reputation. Travel websites like Expedia may be fairly accurate. Sites that base stars on comments, however, are the ones that should be viewed with suspicion because they can be easily manipulated. A competitor could flood the site with negative reviews no matter how nice the hotel bedspreads are. If you are an international traveler, realize that different countries may use different systems and have different criteria. Investigating the methods of star ratings in the country you are visiting is a good idea.

On Average

One strategy to wade through star ratings, especially if user reviews are part of the equation, is to average out the responses. Reject any reviews that are incredibly negative or incredibly positive.  In addition to manipulation, some people won’t be happy no matter what, and some people will think its great even if it is not. Look for commonalities. If they all complain about the hotel bedspreads, you can safely assume there is an issue.  If they all say customer service is great, it probably is. On the other side, if they all say it is bad, then it may well be. The key is to take all of the reviews as one and not let the extreme ones influence your choices.


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